Our Program

The Brighton School’s early grades provide a loving, caring atmosphere with a curriculum that is both age-appropriate and individually challenging. During these years, great emphasis is placed on reading- both learning to read and reading to learn. The students at The Brighton School develop a love for reading like no other. In addition to a traditional reading series with reading groups, the students also are able to choose leveled books that are of interest to them. The foundation of Mathematics is also very important in these grades. In the early years, introduction to concepts, basic skills, problem solving and speed and accuracy of math facts are emphasized. As students expand their mathematical understanding, a more in depth study of the concepts is addressed. A multidisciplinary approach to teaching science and social studies through thematic units enriches the student’s educational experiences and helps the students make meaningful connections between the different subject areas. In addition to these core subject areas, students participate in art, music, French, physical education, and computer science taught by a specialist teacher once a week. Overall, a firm foundation of skill development, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies are taught in a creative and motivating environment. This positive learning environment encourages academic and social growth, supports individual learning styles and creates opportunities for experiential learning.