Our Program
Elementary School

These years form a bridge between the early elementary grades and middle school. The traditional, yet creative curriculum is specially designed to meet the needs of inquisitive students who are eager to learn. Each student is encouraged and inspired to learn at a pace that stretches beyond the easily attained. Skill development is emphasized to help students prepare for the academic independence that will be absolutely necessary in the upper grades. A main goal of this program is to help each student become a self-directed learner who can work productively whether alone or in a group of peers. The students learn to think critically and communicate effectively. Students in these grades are primarily reading to learn and students are given the opportunity to choose quality literature that is of interest to them. In addition to individualized reading, students participate in literature circles, class discussions, and group work. During these years, the students also are responsible for publishing the school newspaper several times a year. In regards to Mathematics, students in the upper grades continue their work with advanced mathematical concepts. Just like with the lower grades, a multidisciplinary approach to teaching science and social studies through the use of thematic units is utilized. In addition to the core subject areas, students participate in art, music, Spanish, physical education, and computer science taught by a specialist teacher once a week. Overall, this integrated curriculum engages the student’s interests, fosters an appreciation of arts and sciences and nourishes their imagination.