The Brighton School

The Brighton School is a nonprofit, independent, nonsectarian, private elementary school for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Six. The school was organized by a group of dedicated teachers who have successfully worked together in private elementary education for over 15 years.

The Brighton School offers small class sizes and an individualized curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student. The Brighton School also offers an accelerated educational program for gifted and talented students. In many school systems, special needs are addressed, but children with advanced skills are left behind. Our program allows children with exceptional skills to move ahead at their own pace regardless of their age.

The main focus of The Brighton School is the total growth and development of each student. While the curriculum places a strong emphasis on academic excellence, creativity, self-discipline and respect are also fostered through the small class setting and nurturing faculty. We are dedicated to promoting a child’s self esteem, self confidence and intellectual curiosity.

We are a traditional elementary school with a strong emphasis on reading, phonics, mathematics and writing. The Brighton School utilizes the Treasures Reading Program, by MacMillan/McGraw Hill , and Modern Curriculum Press mathematics, phonics and spelling. In addition, the school uses The Six Traits of Writing Program. There are four main classroom teachers: Pre- Kindergarten, Kindergarten/First Grade, Second/Third Grade, and Fourth/Fifth/Sixth Grade. The entire faculty of The Brighton School has had extensive preparation and experience teaching elementary children. Our specialty teachers include Spanish, physical education, art, music, science and computer science. Each experienced specialist is highly qualified and trained in his or her area of expertise.

Responsive Classroom and Open Circle approaches to education are both utilized to teach and learn in an environment that fosters safe, challenging and joyful classrooms. These programs offer practical strategies for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day. The Brighton School believes that academic learning happens best within a positive social context. The school values responsible community membership and will strive to balance the needs of the individual student with the needs of the class as a whole.

The Brighton School prides itself on being “a home away from home” for its students. The small classes and emphasis placed on an individualized curriculum allow for a feeling of comfort and inclusiveness. We understand that elementary school is a crucial time to lay the foundation for future academic success. Our mission is to provide our students with a structured and intellectually stimulating environment where each child can feel secure and know that their accomplishments are valued.