Melissa Gow

Melissa Gow - Preschool

Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten

My name is Melissa Gow.  I have worked in the educational field in a variety of roles and settings for fourteen years and have provided academic and social support to children in the early elementary grades.  I graduated from Pine Manor College, earning a Bachelor’s degree and my license to teach Early Childhood Education. I received my Master’s degree from Wheelock College in Language and Literacy Studies.

As a teacher, my goal is to create a classroom community that is nurturing, safe, respectful, challenging and stimulating.  When these characteristics are incorporated consistently, students will feel comfortable taking risks and positive learning will more likely occur.  Since Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten is the first school experience for many students, the above characteristics (especially nurturing) are important to assist in making this experience a positive one.

Activities are most effective when they involve the kinesthetic or “hands on” approach.  Incorporating the five senses often leads to a more successful learning experience.  It is important for each student to have fun in conjunction with learning so he or she develops into becoming a life-long learner.

Each student has a unique gift to share with his or her class.  We must teach students to support, learn from, encourage and be respectful to all the individuals in our classroom and school community. Every child in my classroom is special.