At School

Mathematics Overview

The Mathematics program provides a framework in which students develop their mathematical ability and its uses in everyday life. Mathematics is learned through the process of building skills and understanding.

The Mathematics curriculum is both accelerated and enriched. All Brighton School students work at least one year above their respective grade level. The students have multiple opportunities throughout the school day to apply their math knowledge. Basic skills and math facts are essential to building a strong foundation and are addressed in each grade. All students work on problem solving strategies and learn that there can be several ways to solve a problem. This is very appealing to a variety of learning styles.

In addition to pencil and paper, manipulatives, calculators, games, activities, and computers are utilized in solving mathematical problems. The goals of the mathematics program across all grades are to have students demonstrate the ability to: effectively communicate mathematical understanding, think conceptually, solve problems systematically, and apply skills in real-life situations.