Language Arts

Elementary Kids


Language Arts Overview

Designed to meet the needs of all students, The Brighton School’s language Arts program is an integrated, vital component of study at all levels. The curriculum is a combination of reading, writing, grammar, spelling, phonics, and handwriting. The students are taught reading, writing, listening, and speaking as tools for communication.

The students at The Brighton School acquire and develop analytical reading skills. In addition to a traditional reading series, the students are given the opportunity on a daily basis to individually and silently read. To extend their experience with a book, students are allowed academic choice to share their book in a way that interests them. Some examples may include; performing a puppet show, writing another short chapter of the book, acting out a scene, writing a traditional book report, or designing a poster.

Brighton School students also write on a daily basis using 6 Traits of Writing and Writer’s Workshop. They develop a strong and varied vocabulary commensurate with the student’s grade. The students also explore diverse literary works which allows them to recognize universal themes. Challenging and enriching assignments engage the students in every grade to help them develop into critical thinkers. The language arts curriculum is geared to fostering a lifelong love of literature and the written word.