Jennifer Lucander

Jennifer Lucander - Grades 2-3

Jennifer Lucander
Grades 2 & 3
Co-Founder / Co-Administrator

My name is Jennifer Lucander and I have been an elementary educator for the past 16 years. My educational background consists of a Bachelor’s in Education and Psychology from Merrimack College and a Master’s of Elementary Education with a specialization in English/Language Arts from Anna Maria College.

Throughout the years I have taught second, third and fourth grade. I have extensive experience teaching gifted and talented students. Through my practical experience and course work, I have developed essential skills in curriculum development and instruction, classroom management, and assessment of a student’s ability to learn with various instructional approaches. My beliefs concerning education embrace the concept that all students can learn. Students will learn at different paces and in different ways, but they will all learn given an effective teacher.

Elementary school is a crucial time to lay the foundation for future academic success. My mission is to provide my students with a structured and intellectually stimulating environment where they feel secure and know their accomplishments are valued. Since my classroom is centered around the student, I choose to explain this through a “child’s perspective”. The following is taken from a child’s point of view as a student in my classroom.

“I look forward to walking through the door of my classroom every morning. I am greeted warmly by Mrs. Lucander with a personal comment. As I look around our classroom, I am welcomed by our central group area surrounded by a vast classroom library, small clusters of desks, a colorful, simple display of visual text, aids, and our current work.

“As a student in Mrs. Lucander’s class, I feel ownership, empowerment, and choice in my learning. I feel supported and respected among my classmates, knowing that I can take risks, pose questions, and explore new ideas. I am recognized with fairness, encouragement, and constructive feedback. We work together to make our classroom a calm and peaceful one that allows us to concentrate on our work and build a strong community of friends and learners.”

“My classmates and I feel comfortable in our learning, regardless of our different learning styles and abilities. Each of our styles and needs are recognized through varied instructional levels, whether individualized, paired, small group, or whole group activities. Through thematic units, Mrs. Lucander integrates the curriculum areas, providing us with a sense of cohesion for our reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills.”

“As I prepare to leave for the day, Mrs. Lucander gives me a friendly goodbye and tells the class some of the exciting things we can look forward to tomorrow. My day has come to an end and I am left with meaningful experiences and new learning adventures to begin.”

My goal as an educator is to have my students leave my classroom as well-rounded individuals, capable of making educated decisions and confident in their ability to learn. I strongly believe that children and young adults are our most vital resources and that every element of their education should offer them the best possible advantages in order to secure the best possible future.