A Unique School

The Brighton School is a non-profit, private, independent elementary school that specializes in gifted education. We offer a school year program designed to meet the academic, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Six. Our core curriculum meets and exceeds the standards of other private and public schools. The class sizes do not exceed 16 students. Our small classes enable the teachers to help the students learn to work as a team and appreciate and support one another as valuable individuals. The classes are mixed-age which allows for students to interact with both older and younger children. Another unique element is the classroom teacher. Each student remains with the same teacher for a minimum of two years. This continuity allows the teacher to more deeply understand each student’s academic and social growth. The Brighton School is a community where we know each student; we offer an innovative learning environment that supports the development of lifelong learners and inspires students to be engaged contributors to society.