Bruce Cichowlas
Bruce Cichowlas

Bruce Cichowlas
Computers & Technology


 My name is Bruce Cichowlas. I am the technology teacher at The Brighton School.


The technology courses for grades 2-5 currently consist of three components. In each case, I’ve tried to select technology that the students can also pursue at home if they and their parents desire.

The computer component, Scratch 2.0, is available free from MIT’s Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Project. Our Scratch classes include important art, math and sometimes music components as well as computer programming. Here’s a short video introducing Scratch.

The robotics component uses Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Workshop. A set similar to what we use at school is available direct from Wonder Workshop or from Amazon for about $275 including most accessories that we use. (Sometimes deals are available on eBay.) Our robotics classes include important concepts from math and physics as well as computer programming. There’s a lot about Dash and Dot on YouTube.

The electronics component is from LittleBits. I’ve combined several of their sets for what I use in class. The sets start at about $60 and are also available at Barnes & Noble. The sets have different types of emphasis. Any of them could be fun and educational for your student. LittleBits teaches physics concepts and offers the opportunity to integrate with art projects and Scratch. You can find out more from their site and from the videos on YouTube.

There are excellent videos describing all three of these components at their respective websites and on YouTube. In particular, the “Dash and Dot Show” on YouTube is very entertaining and informative.

I work in education, technology and music and my educational background is both from MIT and from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. I’ve taught at the Brighton School for several years and currently also work with student interns from schools such as New England Conservatory of Music, Berklee School of Music, Harvard University, and Columbia University.

My professional work outside of The Brighton School combines technology, education and music. Two current projects are free downloads for iPhone and iPad from the Apple store:

Play Along Keys music fun for everyone